Advance Canoe Camp 2014

Tomorrow most of my class will be departing the school to the Genelg river where we will canoe. On the first night we will be setting up our tents and having a BBQ tea. The next mourning we will make our own breakfast, destroy our tents then set off again down the river. We also have to cook our lunch and tea for that day and breakfast the next day. On the last day we don’t actually Canoe anywhere but we do heaps of activities in the water though. On the way back to school we stop and get fish and chips.

glenelg river


Murray to Moyne Bike Relay

This year I am part of the Hawkesdale M2M relay team. in this event each person will ride in 20km to 30km stints from Echuca to Port Fairy. we stop at Hamilton for a short break then continue on to Port Fairy via Hawkesdale. on the lead up to this we will be training after school twice a week.


Swimming Sports

DSCF0025On Friday the 7th our school had our annual swimming sports. this takes place very year at the Hawkesdale 25 meter pool. For sporting events we have 2 houses yellow and blue. yellow has won every year for over 15 years. I competed in 50m under 16 back stoke and came 2nd. once again yellow won the sports. As we a south west school we have to compete at Mortlake this week and vs other schools in the area. I will be competing in a relay on the day.